The Art of Jem Ham

True Colours


Acrylic on canvas

153 x 107 x 3.2 cm
60 x 42 x 1.25 in


‘True Colours’ encapsulates the liberating feeling of embracing one’s true self. It’s a celebration of the journey of self-acceptance and a rejection of societal expectations that often attempt to mold us into something we are not. It’s about healing and finding the courage to open the door to your heart and letting your true colours flow freely into the world. It’s about navigating a way forward when our identity feels fragmented, scattered likes shards of glass. And in those moments of uncertainty, it’s about being brave enough to take a step forward on the road to life.



Exhibited and sold at Worthy Australia‘s HQ as part of their 2023 Artist in Residence program. Held in private collection. 


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