The Art of Jem Ham

Taurus and Scorpio - a love connection?


Pencil on paper

76.5 x 57  x 0.1 cm
30 x 22.4 x 0.04 in

I, Taurus man, once met a Scorpio woman. We spent a weekend together. I fell in love. She didn’t. Her heart was leaking from a breakup. My heart was full of passion. She spun her web inside. I spread my peacock feathers. She held me in her vortex. I felt the calm before the Scorpio’s sting. Was it a love connection or just that opposites attract?

Exhibited at Metamorphosis Gallery in Willetton, Western Australia (2023); The Corner Gallery in Subiaco, Western Australia (2020); Canning Art Awards in Riverton, Western Australia (2021).

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