The Art of Jem Ham

Man and his spirit bird


Oil on linen

107.5 x 77 x 3.2 cm
42 x 30 x 1.25 in

Man and his spirit bird evokes the primitive, the wanderer, the soul on a journey in search of meaning and purpose. The figure of a man stands as a symbolic representation of humanity. His presence embodies both strength and vulnerability, a testament to our complex nature as individuals. 

The totem like bird perched beside the man represents the spirit of nature and the untamed essence within us all. It symbolizes the connection between the earthly and the ethereal, serving as a conduit for the man’s innermost desires, aspirations, and dreams. 

The man’s gaze is fixed on the bird, his eyes filled with curiosity and longing, and his hands reaching out as if searching for something beyond the tangible realm.

Exhibited at Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery in Fremantle, Western Australia (2021). Held in private collection.

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